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Lyons Halloween Spooktacular

  Every year Lyons Parks and Rec sponsors the Halloween   Spooktacular in downtown Lyons, Colorado. On Saturday,                                                October 28th the festivities begin at 4:00 in Sandstone                                                    Park featuring live music, pumpkin carving, face painting                                                  and the annual costume contest.  Immediately following                                                  the SandstonPark Spooktacular Tricks orTreats, the                                                        community, all dressed up in their Halloween best, line-up                                                for the Spooktacular Parade through town, complete with                                                the marching band. 

Downtown Trick-or-Treat 

     is  6:30- 7:00PM. 


and The Town of Lyons event calendar for details!

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