N e w
 l a y e r 

Rocky Grass Festival

at Planet Bluegrass

Every summer in Lyons, Planet Bluegrass puts on a world renown bluegrass event. The festival boasts some of the biggest names in Bluegrass music as well as providing a stage for up-and-coming artists.  The town of Lyons is swarming with Festivarians from the youngest children to the most seasoned adults, some of whom have attended every festival from the beginning.  2017 marked their 46th Rocky Grass Festival.  The venue sits in the beautiful foothills of Colorado with the mighty St. Vrain River twisting and turning through the grounds, complete with a swim beach and plenty of room for tubers to float down throughout the entire weekend.  Planet Bluegrass showcases local artists and restaurants as well with no shortage of choices featuring beer, cocktails,  lemonade, food, clothing  and more. The festival takes place in late July. 

Photo: Benko Photographics, courtesy of Planet Bluegrass"

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